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Introducing Mammoptix®, the industry's first bra-like wearable designed for remote monitoring of breast implant conditions, dedicated to providing early-stage diagnosis support.

Our core mission is to detect the most common complications at their inception, enabling timely intervention and significantly reducing their impact on patients. We go beyond merely tracking physical symptoms; Mammoptix® monitors additional health and psychological conditions, ensuring comprehensive care for breast surgery patients during both early and later stages of their post-operative healing process.


Mammoptix® offers unparalleled peace of mind to patients by bridging the crucial gap between post-operative care and long-term recovery. Our proprietary Medtech wearable facilitate 24/7 remote monitoring, predicting and preventing complications with precision.

This continuous vigilance ensures patients receive ongoing support, even after the surgeon's care, leading to improved overall outcomes and a heightened sense of reassurance.


At Mammoptix®, we redefine healthcare by seamlessly transitioning from traditional, symptom-based medicine to proactive, data-driven approaches. By embracing predictive analytics, we pave the way for early intervention, reducing harm from disease and empowering patients on their healing journey.

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